Go Organic

Lady Bug Brand natural gardening products include fertilizers, mulches, soils and compost for the organic-minded grower. Our Conroe, Texas store carries pre-bagged products from our bulk supply organic gardening headquarters in Austin. Lady Bug products are carefully formulated by organic gardening expert John Dromgoole. We are continuing to build a line of specialized quality bulk products for a variety of situations. Have clay soil? Revitalizer Compost is for you. No Soil? Build raised beds with our Hill Country Soil or Rose Magic. Trees stressed? Mulch with our Sylvan Formula that is modeled after the forest floor. An organic lawn care program works with nature, not against it, giving plants just what they need to be green and healthy, and more resistant to diseases and pests. It’s also safer for children, pets, and our aquifers and therefore, our drinking water. It also saves money in the long run, since it takes less fertilizer, pesticides, and fungicides overall.